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Excess skin can get in the way of having a flat tummy. While diet and exercise are unsuccessful at eliminating loose skin, surgery can help. Abdominoplasty, better known as tummy tuck, is a popular plastic surgery that removes the extra skin to achieve sleeker contours. Rockford plastic surgeon Dr. Pedro Rodriguez performs this surgery to restore firmness and smoothness to the stomach.

The Pedro Rodriguez Difference

Dr. Pedro Rodriguez is an elite plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in breast, body and face procedures. Merging advanced techniques with his keen eye, he produces transformative results for his patients that are both attractive and natural-looking.

Patients in Rockford choose Dr. Rodriguez because of his outstanding surgical skills and attentive care. Through decades of experience, he understands precisely how to rejuvenate the face and achieve appealing breast and body contours. He takes pleasure in helping his patients build confidence by reaching their aesthetic goals.


Candidates for Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is usually performed on patients who have been pregnant or lost a significant amount of weight. If the skin is not elastic enough, it will not retract to fit the new shape of the stomach once that weight comes off. A tummy tuck is the most effective way to address the loose skin that creates a muffin top in this midsection.

The ideal candidates are non-smokers in good overall health. They should be close to their goal weight so that they can maintain the contours after surgery. Women who intend to get pregnant in the future may wish to postpone tummy tuck as pregnancy will stretch the skin all over again, negating the results.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

First, patients receive general anesthesia so that they remain comfortable and unconscious during the surgery. Next, Dr. Rodriguez makes a horizontal incision slightly above the pubic area. This location is selected so that scarring can be easily concealed with a swimsuit. Through this incision, he removes excess skin and fatty tissue. Many patients also have abdominal muscles that have shifted apart. To restore definition to the abdomen, Dr. Rodriguez tightens the abdominal wall by suturing the musculature back together.

Dr. Rodriguez pulls the remaining skin taut so that it drapes smoothly over the stomach’s new contours. Often, he must create a new hole for the belly button so that both the size and location look natural on the stomach. Dr. Rodriguez may also combine liposuction with tummy tuck to further improve the contours and remove lingering pockets of fat.

Tummy Tuck Recovery and Results

Tummy tuck surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning that patients return home for rest and relaxation on the same day as their surgery. Activity, including exercise and work, should be postponed for a couple of weeks to allow the stomach time to heal. Patients should always wear a compression garment to help accelerate the healing process and minimize the risk of infection and other complications.

Tummy tuck recovery takes, on average, two to four weeks. It depends on a variety of factors, including the type of procedure.

  • Full tummy tuck. Also called a traditional tummy tuck, full tummy tuck can help address loose skin and excess fat due to pregnancy, weight loss, or other changes.
  • Mini tummy tuck. Where a full tummy tuck addresses all areas of the abdomen, a mini tummy tuck only focuses on the area below the bellow button. Mini tummy tucks do not include an incision around the navel, and the muscles above the navel will not be tightened.

Scarring is an inevitable part of tummy tuck surgery. Although the scar will fade a bit with time, it will remain visible forever. Because Dr. Rodriguez makes his incision near the bikini line, the scar should remain hidden so long as the patient is partially clothed.

A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that provides long-lasting results. Patients can enjoy their new contours for the rest of their lives if they maintain a steady weight. Gaining weight or becoming pregnant will cause the skin to stretch again. This is why it is recommended to undergo tummy tuck surgery after you are done having children.

Recovery Tips

Eat a healthy diet. Diet plays a big role in your body’s overall health and is an important part of a smooth recovery. A diet rich in proteins and vegetables can ensure you receive the vitamins and nutrients that support healing.

Get enough rest. Limiting your activity during recovery allows you to heal faster. Taking up activity too quickly after surgery can increase your risk for abdominal muscle strain.

Improve swelling. Swelling is a natural part of recovery and will be experienced during the days following your surgery. Remaining hydrated, wearing compression garments, and using ice can help reduce swelling so that your true results can begin to appear.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

What can a tummy tuck treat?

Tummy Tuck RockfordTummy tuck primarily helps improve the look of the anterior abdominal region. Patients with excess skin after weight loss, pregnancy, and age can tighten the skin on the abdomen with a tummy tuck, resulting in a more flattering appearance. Sometimes, stubborn fat can linger in the abdominal region, and a tummy tuck can help address this. While a slimmer profile can be achieved with a tummy tuck, it is important to note that this procedure is not used to address weight loss.

What is the tummy tuck procedure like?

Each patient is different, and so is each tummy tuck. Dr. Rodriguez will work with you to form a customized solution that helps you achieve the best results possible. Generally, an incision will be made on the lower abdomen, excess skin and tissue will be removed for a tightening effect, and liposuction can be performed to the  stubborn fat. The procedure takes anywhere from two to four hours depending on the amount of work needed to be performed.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

While the goal of all tummy tuck procedures is to tighten the abdominal area, mini tummy tucks only address the area below the belly button and full tummy tucks improve the appearance of the areas both above and below the belly button. This is typically the area that holds resistant pockets of fat.

Should I have a tummy tuck before or after kids?

Generally, most patients wait until after they have finished having children to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Doing so may help ensure you maintain your results while reducing the need for revisions after giving birth.

Will my scars be noticeable?

If one of your goals is to show off your new body following tummy tuck surgery, you may be concerned about the possibility of scarring. Scarring is a natural part of recovery. The placement of your scars depends on the incision type. Scarring also depends on factors such as weight, age, and skin quality. Scars will fade naturally, and this process can be aided by following Dr. Rodriguez’s instructions, which may include using scar gels and healing patches.

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